A Simple Cleansing Routine

A Simple Cleansing Routine

Here is a simple routine I use when cleansing:

I wash my face with one of HAYAH Organics' facial soaps.

Before I rinse, I exfoliate with the Muslin Washcloth. I don’t do this step every day, only twice a week and on non-consecutive days.

If I had any makeup on, or especially eye make up, I use the Coconut Oil to cleanse my face. I take a small amount of oil, rub it into my face, eyes, lashes in a gentle circular motion. I then place the washcloth in warm water, apply it to my face, then gently wipe off the makeup.

I follow with spritzing Rosewater, and let it dry on my face.

I apply a few drops of Ageless Beauty Oil, apply it to my face and neck

I apply the Deep Moisturizing Facial Balm and massage it into my skin in an upward motion.

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